Industrial Applications

Knowing how water fits into your industrial process means we understand how important clean water is for your facility’s operations. Wise Water carries Centaur carbon filters, commercial softeners, dealkalizers, and Sureflo reverse osmosis systems, all of which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Cafeterias, for example, require water in a variety of ways, from cooking and drinking to cleaning. Drinking water served at the table should taste fresh and clean. Not only is bottled water expensive but environmentally conscious facilities are relying more and more on serving tap water to customers. A drinking water filtration system can provide fresh-tasting water to your customers each and every time. Filtered water can also be used to prepare food as unfiltered water can greatly influence the flavour of a dish.

Installing a water softener can also help improve the aesthetics of your operations. Spots on glass and flatware caused by hard water are unappealing to customers. Water softeners will not only help to eliminate hard water deposits, they will also help to preserve the life of your appliances and dishware. Without the hard scale build up, dishwashers run more efficiently and bathroom fixtures will remain free from rust or film caused by hard water.

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