5 Stage Reverse Osmosis

Pure drinking water systems from Wise Water feature reverse osmosis membrane technology, to provide you with water as it was intended to be: just H2O. Harmful chemicals are removed. Everyone will taste the difference Wise Water reverse osmosis systems make. Start now with a Wise Water reverse osmosis system and receive refreshing water, crystal-clear ice cubes and better-tasting coffee, tea and fruit drinks.

*All Reverse Osmosis units are available with Alkaline options. Ask for more details.

• 5-stage reverse osmosis system • 5-year warranty (consumables not included) • 75-gallon-per-day capacity • 5-micron polypropylene spun filtration for silt, dirt, rust, turbidity and iron removal • 10-micron carbon block filtration to eliminate chlorine, THMs, taste and odour • 5-micron carbon block filtration to remove volatile and industrial chemicals • High-purity, thin-film composite reverse osmosis membrane that removes volatile chemicals, sodium, pesticides, etc. • Premium lead-free designer drinking water faucet • 5-gallon high-purity composite pressure holding tank • Installation kit • Inline post-polishing filtration for taste and odour removal • Removes the following contaminants: chlorine, THMs, PCBs, pesticides, all volatile chemicals, TCEs, copper, lead and many others • Lead-free designer drinking water faucet • Can be connected to refrigerator for water and ice

• To remove bacterial contamination we utilize the Doulton NSF/ANSI Standard 42 approved ceramic cartridge • Wise Water drinking water systems feature high-quality membrane technology that produces purified drinking water • These reverse osmosis systems remove 10% to 20% more contaminants than most systems