Reverse Osmosis

Our premium model for reverse osmosis. Using a unique high-pressure system, the model goes through seven stages to create premium water quality. The 5-micron pre-filter removes turbidity, iron, dirt and rust, as well as featuring a carbon block that removes chlorine and THMs.

*All Reverse Osmosis units are available with Alkaline options. Ask for more details.

• 15-year warranty (consumables not included) • 7-stage reverse osmosis system • 100 gallons per day • Improves taste and odours and protects the high-purity reverse-osmosis membrane. • Doulton NSF 42 ceramic pre-filter certified to remove bacteria (E.coli and coliform), Cryptosporidium, Giardia and many more • 24-v olt, 110-psi booster pump for best water quality. • High-purity, thin-film composite reverse osmosis membrane that provides high-purity drinking water • TDS computer and alarm showing water quality • Auto flush that automatically cleans membrane • LCD readout advising when to change filter cartridges • Leak detection system • 5-gallon high-purity composite pressure tank • Enalka Alkalinity Ozone Sanitized cartridge filter that eliminates acidity • Inline post-polishing filtration for taste and odour removal • Premium lead-free designer drinking water faucet • Excalibur reverse osmosis systems remove all contaminants in your drinking water such as chlorine, chloramines, THM’s, lead, TCE, PCBs’, mercury, aluminum, barium, boron, nitrates, arsenic III, uranium, selenium, dioxin, pesticides, and any other volatile and toxic chemicals

• 100- gallon-per-day output • TFC high-purity membrane • Large 5-gallon storage tank • Lead-free designer drinking water faucet • Can be connected to refrigerator for water and ice • ph balance to nutra & Alkaline