Bad Taste and Odour Problems

Untreated water can alter the way your home, your food; and your beverages taste and smell. In its pristine state, water is colourless, tasteless and odourless. Untreated water can have an earthy or musty taste and smell, which is due to algae; a rotten egg smell, due to hydrogen sulfide; a metallic taste, indicating the presence of various forms of metal.

Accelerates Corrosion

In the corrosion process, hardened minerals can eat through coatings on the most expensive parts of your appliances. They can also damage rubber seals and create leaking.

Affects Taste of Beverages and Food

When you wash your fruits and vegetables, the unwanted taste of hard water doesn’t disappear. Instead, it is absorbed into your food and affects the flavour.

Solutions for Bad Taste and Odour

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